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Why Thai Food Became So Common

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You’ll find several reasons that cooking Thai food in your own house is getting to be so common. Of the individuals who cook at home, some do it simply because they really really enjoy the flavors of the food. Other times, they do it mainly because it is thought to be a type of food that is simple to prepare. Some of it is because of the fact that stir fry is one of the more typical preparing strategies used to cook Thai food.

People love to cook any kind of food and try new recipes that I see. I often change them to fit my style of cooking or to use what I have available when I can not get all of the ingredients. Of course since I am from Thailand My favorite food is Thai food and that is what most of the recipes you will find on my site are. So please come on by and tell me how you like my recipes at Marion’s Kitchen.

There is generally a balance between sour, salty, sweet and spicy flavors in a dish or across a meal, and it is believed to restore harmony between the body’s Yin and Yang forces. The Yin represents cold, or soothing energy, e.g. coconut milk, and the Yang represents hot energy that increases the pulse rate, e.g. chili peppers.
If you’re keen to discover more about the techniques and ingredients used in Thai cooking, where better to learn than Thailand itself? Here you will be able to find out more about traditional techniques, preparation and cooking, as well as the ingredients that give Thai food its distinct flavor.

The course is easy, not like you have to study for it in advance, but having done it, I would try to cook some Thai dishes at home first and see what kind of mistakes that I was making, like sticky rice. The secret is soaking the rice over night in salty water, OK that is pretty easy, and everybody love sticky rice. The Thai cooking class in Bangkok that I attended also recommended having little plastic bags to hold the individual hot sticky rice servings in as it stays hot longer, nothing like hot sticky rice!

When most people think of corporate identity apparel in the restaurant industry there are half a dozen iconic brands that might come to mind. But walking through the busy night markets in Bangkok the work attire of the various vendors is just as varied as the fresh ingredients that are brought in each morning. This night market illustrates the benchmark of Thai cooking: eat fresh. By choosing items that have a relatively short shelf life, you are sure to make more health conscious dishes and use more locally grown foods.


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