“For Those Serious About Learning Thai Cooking”

Hua Hin is the home of the King of Thailand.  Because of this, it is clean, safe, and well-protected.  Our Academy is conveniently located in Hua Hin which is 180 km south of Bangkok on the Gulf of Thailand.  Because of the Gulf breezes, it is normally cooler than Bangkok, and the air is much cleaner.  The beaches are beautiful, and the seafood is incredible.  Hua Hin is a short van ride from Bangkok.  To learn more about the good things being said about Hua Hin, please refer to these links:  LONELY PLANETTRIP ADVISOR VIRTUAL TOURIST.  There is no place more convenient to learn Thai cooking than where we are located.  Advanced Chef courses are taught at our Bangkok and Phuket campuses.


Who would know Thai cooking better than us, and where else would you go to properly learn Thai cooking? Our Thai cooking is not fusion or prepared with substitute ingredients.  We use authentic ingredients, and we teach you how Thai dishes are supposed to taste.  This is the best place in the whole world to learn Thai cooking.  We invite you to join us in having fun learning how to prepare, cook, serve, and even eat Thai meals.  Want to learn to cook Thai dishes like a professional?  Come join our finely-tuned and long-running Thai culinary training program.  Over the years, we have had many aspiring chefs and executive chefs train with us.  Our culinary training courses are designed to teach you how to cook like a Thai!  During your classes, you can expect to learn about:

  • Curry pastes (made the old fashioned way with mortar & pestle)
  • Stir-frying
  • Salads
  • Soups
  • Starters
  • Noodles & Rice
  • Desserts
  • Deep frying
  • Dips, sauces & pastes
  • Thai fruit carving
  • Use of woks and Thai cooking utensils
  • Thai ingredients–fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices, pastes, sauces,

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IN HUA HIN(only):

IMMERSION THAI COOKING COURSE —20 hours (5 four hour classes) of class training, teaching the basics of Thai cooking and covering the 20 most popular dishes and 5 curry pastes


  1.  BASIC THAI COOKING 5 intensive days of class training, teaching the basics of Thai cooking
  2.  PROFESSIONAL THAI COOKING—10 intensive days of training (Monday-Friday)
  3.  PERSONAL THAI CHEF—5 intensive days of advanced training, covering 25-30 professional dishes
  4.  PROFESSIONAL THAI CHEF—10 intensive days of advanced training (2 weeks), covering 50-60 professional dishes
  5.  THAI CULINARY CHEF –20 intensive days of advanced training (4 weeks), covering at least 100 professional dishes
  6.  MASTER THAI CULINARY CHEF –30 intensive days of advanced training (6 weeks), covering at least 150 professional dishes
  7.  GRAND MASTER THAI CULINARY CHEF40 intensive days of advanced training (8 weeks), covering at least 200 professional dishes
  8.  PRIVATE CHEF COURSE5-40 days of intensive one-on-one chef training (Monday-Friday)
  9.  TRAIN-YOUR-CHEF-AT-OUR-SCHOOL PROGRAM—20 days of intensive chef training (4 weeks)

NOTE:  All instruction is done in English by our English-speaking Thai chefs.



IMMERSION THAI COOKING COURSE–IMMERSE yourself for 5 four hour classes of intensive Thai cooking, covering the basics of Thai culinary skills: For those wishing to learn basic Thai cooking skills and mastery of the most popular 20 Thai dishes and 5 curry pastes.

Introduction to food preparation, cooking, and food presentation techniques are discussed and practiced.  Familiarity with Thai ingredients, preparation of these ingredients for cooking, and familiarity with use of woks, steamers, fryers, cooking utensils is achieved.  Ideal for those not familiar with Thai cooking and homemakers.  For those wishing to start their own restaurants, this course is a perfect start as it covers the most popular Thai dishes.  And for those not having a culinary background, we recommend starting with this basic course before going into our advanced chef classes in Bangkok and Phuket.

Course Details (5 Four Hour Classes):

  • Learning about Thai ingredients and fresh market tour
  • Learn how to make coconut milk
  • Learn basic fruit carving
  • Learning about woks, fryers, cooking utensils and ingredients preparation
  • Intensive Thai cooking (20 hours)—learning 20 of the most popular Thai dishes, 5 curry pastes (using mortar & pestle) plus how to make sticky rice, coconut milk, sauces & dips.  To see the Thai dishes taught in this class, refer below:


  • Chicken satay with peanut sauce (Gai Satay)
  • Thai fish cakes (Tord Man Pla)
  • Fried spring rolls (Por Pie Tord)


  • Pomelo salad (Yam Som-O)
  • Papaya salad (Som Tam)
  • Spicy grilled chicken salad (Nam Tok Gai)


  • Hot & sour prawn soup (Tom Yum Goong)
  • Chicken in coconut milk (Tom Kha Gai)


  • Stir fried chicken with cashews (Gai Pad Med Ma-Muang)
  • Stir-fried chicken with basil (Gai Pad Kra Pao)
  • Sweet & sour vegetables with chicken (Pad Preaw Wan Gai)
  • Stir-fried black pepper beef (Nua Pad Pik Thai)


  • Thai-style fried rice noodles (Pad Thai)
  • Pineapple fried rice (Khao Pad Sapparot)


  • Mango with coconut sticky rice (Khao Neaw Moon)


  • Green curry paste (prepare) (Nam Prik Gaeng Kheao Wan)
  • Green curry chicken (Gaeng Kheao Wan Gai)
  • Red curry paste (prepare) (Nam Prik Gaeng Phet)
  • Red curry with chicken (Gaeng Phet Gai)
  • Massaman curry paste (prepare) (Nam Prik Gaeng Masaman)
  • Massaman curry with chicken (Gaeng Masaman Gai)
  • Yellow curry paste (prepare) (Nam Prik Gaeng Ka Ri)
  • Yellow curry chicken (Gaeng Ka Ri Gai)
  • Panang curry paste (prepare) (Nam Prik Gaeng Panang)
  • Panang chicken (Gaeng Panang Gai)

Tuition: 6,000 Baht
Start of course:  Any day of the week
Diploma: An Immersion Thai Cooking Diploma is awarded upon satisfactory completion of the 5 classes



(Taught at Phuket and Bangkok Campuses)

All chef course classes taught in Bangkok and Phuket are full day classes.  Our Basic chef course is designed to teach elementary Thai cooking skills and to prepare one for more advanced Thai cooking.  ADVANCED courses are designed for those who have a basic understanding of Thai cooking ingredients, utensils, and dishes.  For beginners, we recommend starting with our PROFESSIONAL THAI COOKING courses.




Specially designed for those desiring intensive one-on-one training with a Thai chef.  Ask as many questions as you like, cook lots, work hard, learn the basics and learn advanced Thai culinary skills.  Study and cook for as many weeks as you wish, covering up to 30 professional dishes/week.  Instead of being in a group of students, this is your chance to select just what you want to learn and learn for as many weeks as you like–just you and a Thai chef.  These classes are available at our Phuket and Bangkok campuses.


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If you have further questions or wish to register for one of these courses, please send an email to E-Mail Us or with your comments, and we will reply shortly.

We are here to serve you.  Those who take our courses will be better cooks, better chefs, and more valuable to their employers.  Try us; you will like us.

Your satisfaction is our primary goal.

NOTE:  All instruction is done in English by our English-speaking Thai chefs.