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Thailand’s Food

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Thailand foods are popular for being spicy and hot and all kinds of Thai cooking are prepared with the ingredients like chilies, lime juice, garlic, coconut milk,, fish sauce, and shrimp paste. Rice is the primary food for Thailand people. People eat every food with curries, soups, and with fresh vegetables. Nam Phrink is one kind of sauces which is made in number of forms and varies from one place to another. For seasoning the Thailand food people use black pepper, tamarind juice, coconut milk and ginger. To make traditional Thailand food, it will take more time because it deals with peeling, chopping and pounding. So it is better to calculate the time in advance and start the work. The fundamental feature taste of Thailand food in various areas of the country can be said in several ways. In the central, the food will be hot, sweet, sour and salty. Rice will be served with various kinds of nam Phrink and soups. Thai dishes has plenty of spices and in the north side, it will be mild sour and salty. Boiled vegetables and sticky rice is also prepared and it will be served with curries and soups. In the northeast side, Thailand food is hot, sour and salty. The desired foods are papaya salad, chopped meat and meat salad. The skill lies in choosing and making of the ingredients. Thai cooks are specialist in managing the cutting devices and they have special ability in slicing, carving fruits and vegetables, meat. The most important tool in Thai cooking is sharp knives, pestle and mortar.

Thailand’s food is well known in making and presenting with fresh fruits and desserts. The skill of chef will be displayed in the decoration of the fruits. The peeling of the fruit or vegetables needs more attention that a bronze knife and thin blade are used. Some types of fruits are peeled and cut in to different sections by removing the seeds from it and some are carved by showing their talents in limitless shapes. Mostly evening are spent in the big open air hotels with taste Thailand foods. Different kinds of Thai dishes will be served with soft drinks and beer. Each and every restaurants covers number of acres and so servers will have a silent roller skaters on their legs. A Thai food will be not completed without soup. Most of the Thai desserts are done with fruits. The colorful desserts are coconut meat with milk, palm sugar prepared with egg yolks and more. There are plenty of places where you can get Thailand food at cheap rate and food parks are seen in big shopping mall.
Thai people like to eat food with their family members or with their friends. They do not like to eat yoghurt and cornflakesfor breakfast. Thai cooking shows their culture and contain with the balance between five tastes. Thai people will never waste the food and wasting food will give them bad luck is their belief. While eating they follow the healthy rules, what you must eat and how you must eat. They use spoon and fork to eat food and when eating food they prefer to mix a spicy recipe with mild recipe and with sauce which is served with vegetables which are fresh and boiled. Thai people will complete their food by eating fruits and desserts. Thai cooking includes with all kinds of nutrients. `Thai cooking is mainly based with rice noodles and not with eggs or wheat. These kinds of food are influenced by china because of neighboring country. Stir fries is a mixture fresh vegetables, meat, and different spices. It is very easy to prepare and mostly Thai people like to eat.


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