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Eating at Thai restaurants will be hard for vegetarian people because most of the Thai recipes are prepared with fish or oyster sauce. So if you are ready to make yourself Thai recipes in your home will be better option. The famous vegetarian Thai recipe which is easy to make with in 15 minutes is Thai spring rolls. To make this recipe, you require spring roll wrappers, and you can get this from grocery store. You have to combine bean sprouts, onions, cabbage carrots and thin noodles which are from rice grain. You can also include some eggs and tofu. To add flavor you can add soy sauce, lime juice and mint. Take one spoon of this combination in every spring roll and take with soy sauce. Next option when searching for vegetarian Thai recipes is tofu satay and cucumber salad. When buying peanut sauce, you have to check that the materials which are included are vegetarian items. Take slice of cucumber and add some sugar, vinegar and salt and place in the fridge for half an hour and use it.

Thai food provides various kinds of tasty recipes flavored with lemon grass and spices. Thai recipes focus to get a balance between basic flavors which are normal to the cuisine. Rice is the important part in Thai food. Thai people use jasmine rice with some recipes and sometime plainly served based on the preference of the eater. The famous Thai recipes are pad Thai which is made from rice noodles with peanuts, sugar and lime. It is also combined with chicken or seafood. Noodles which are stir fried with chicken and will be serviced with fish .Green curry will be flavored with coconut, Thai basil and green chilies. It is a mixture of vegetables and fish. Red curry will be prepared with red chilies and yellow curry is made from turmeric and has mustard seeds brown sugar, lime juice, cumin, fish sauce and milk from coconut is also used. Gai pad khing is prepared by chicken, ginger and vegetables. Satay is one kind of Thai recipe which is originated from Indonesia. It is one type of grilled meat. There are plenty of restaurants are seen in Thailand serve Thai recipes. The dishes in Thailand are spicy the reason is they like to take lot of chili. Many plants like lemon, ginger are grown in the country; people use this in preparing recipes.
There are two reasons why Thai people use these herbs first, Thai people love spicy dishes and they contain medicinal uses. A big difference which you can see in Thailand is that Thai people do not use knife but they use spoon. Meat piece or fish are cut in tiny quantity and people eat with spoon. Thai recipes are shared with other people and they dislike eating alone. Chilly and ginger are used in all kinds of Thai recipes. The different kinds of chilly used by the Thai people are red, green Penang and yellow. Thai recipes are hot and spicy and to become master in Thai recipes, you should know how to have balance between different kinds of spices. All kinds of Thai recipes are very easy and simple to make, just you require fresh vegetables and spices. There are different kinds of vegetables are used to make Thai recipe. If you are planning to remain healthy and cooking Thai recipes at house is a target, you have to use whole grain rice. Without beef there is no any Thai recipe. Chicken and fish are main choices and most of the Thai recipes are prepared with these ingredients. Different kinds of herbs and spices are used in making Thai recipes by Thai people.


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