Thai cooking is a fine mix of Indian, Chinese, and indigenous influences.  Over centuries, it has evolved to become what it is today–a flavorful and healthy world-renowned cuisine.  But, what really makes Thai foods so unique and loved?  Actually, it isn’t any one item, but rather a combination of many ingredients, each contributing to make Thai cooking so tasty.  To start with, Thailand is a “Land of Plenty,” being blessed with a year round growing season.  Soils are fertile, and rain is sufficient thereby allowing for a wide range of cultivatable crops.

There is nothing boring about Thai cooking.  The Thais have developed a huge number of meals to enjoy.  Most meals, however, will use some combination of the following basic ingredients:

1.  Coconut (milk and pulp)

2.  Peppers

3.  Spices and herbs

4.  Seasonings

5.  Sauces

6.  Curry pastes (panang, red, yellow, green, tamarind, massaman)

7.  Other pastes (chili, shrimp, ….)


1.  Vegetables

2.  Meat/seafood


Most meals are served with either rice (regular or sticky) or noodles

Thai cooking is not a science; it is an art.  There is no “one” way to prepare a meal.  It’s a little bit of this and a little bit of that–all up to each cook.  Thai cooking is very forgiving.  And because the food is so delicious, no wonder eating is a national past time!  Come join us in our cooking academy and experience for yourself the fun and great flavors of Thai cooking.