In order for us to find you an English-speaking Thai chef, we need your help.  Please complete the following questionnaire and return to   Just do a “copy & paste”.  Thanks



Please answer these questions as best as possible.  This information will be shared with Thai chef applicants for your restaurant.

1.  How long do you want this chef to work for you?_______________________________________

2.  When do you want him/her to start working?__________________________________________

3.  Please provide us with a description of his duties (job description)



4.  Number of working hours each day:_________________________________________________

5.  Number of working days per week:__________________________________________________

6.  Any vacation?__________________________________________________________________

7.  Will you provide private accommodations near the restaurant?___________________________

8.  Will you arrange for a visa or will the school have to do this?_____________________________

9.  Travel insurance will need to be provided to the chef (cost about $30/month)_______

10.Will the chef be able to eat in the restaurant or will he have to eat outside?__________

11.Internet provided?______________________________________________________________

11.What is the salary range (in “after tax” $USD) for a chef?_______________________


Restaurant Name & Location:_________________________________________________

Email address:___________________________________

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